Transport and forwarding


About Us:
        The company Elmar-BG Ltd. has rich and long experience in the provision and organization of transport services in international and internal market.
The company's activity includes a wide range of services for transportation of goods, route optimization, providing acceptable charts deliveries to customers. We are engaged in the preparation of all required documents and conditions for transportation of goods, provided efficient service, arranged customs formalities and do it all in compliance with the interests of our clients.

        Good name Elmar-BG Ltd. Is deservedly by investing of personal work and proffesionalism, and also a large number of Bulgarian and foreign clients.
        Good collaboration - is the key of our proffesional activity.

The services we provide include:
  • Transportation of full loads
  • Consolidation of groupage loads
  • Transportation of goods under temperature control - fullor partial shipments
  • Transportation of partial and expressupplies provided only for your shipment trucks as import and export
  • Transportation of heavyweight and oversized cargoes
  • Transport of fragile and dangerous goods

" ELMAR – BG" LTD serves these relations / Import- Export / :

  • Europe / EU / non-EU countries
  • The country / internal transport /
  • Third countries / Russia , Kaliningrad , Kazakhstan , Ukraine, Moldova , Belarus /
  • Middle East / Turkey, Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan and others. /


4004 Plovdiv, Bratia Shkorpil 15 J str., office 8

contact phones:
+359/32 593 634
+359/890 230 263

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